Landscape Lighting Installation

Mister Sparky Electrician OKC did the exterior lighting and landscape lighting installation on this OKC home.Let Mister Sparky Electrician OKC help you transform the exterior look and feel of your home. Our expert technicians will transform your front and backyard with lighting that will help you better enjoy your outdoor living, add value to your home and improve the safety of your property.

One of the most common choices in exterior illumination for homeowners is outdoor security lighting. Keeping an area well lit during the hours of night goes a long way as a deterrent to help keep intruders and burglars away. Brightness and responsiveness are two of the most important characteristics to look for in outdoor security lights. The more luminant a fixture is, the farther its light will carry. More focused illumination is important as well, so the light does not “get lost” in the vast darkness of night.

The biggest consideration to remember when choosing outdoor security lighting is to select something that is going to make you feel safer in your home. Brightness and motion sensors are definitely two characteristics to consider, but be sure that you choose outdoor security lights that will provide you with a feeling of safety and comfort for you and your family during the nighttime hours.

Another choice for exterior lighting is decorative, used to illuminate walkways, plants, shrubs and trees and provide ambience to a yard. Some of the exterior lighting solutions we offer include; flood lights, security lighting, post lights, porch and coach lighting.

To learn more about indoor lighting and outdoor security lighting features, schedule a Mister Sparky Electrician OKC Technician to evaluate your needs.

Call Mister Sparky to improve the look of a yard, patio, or deck by adding luxurious landscape lighting installation to outdoor spaces. With landscape lighting, there is an instant improvement in your home’s exterior curb appeal. However, landscape lighting not only offers a bright, stately and finished look for your home, but it also adds a sense of safety/security. These bright designs can be placed along walkways leading to your front door as a safety feature or to dark corners of a lawn as a security feature.

There is a planning stage before installation. When creating landscape lighting design, you first need to consider the overall effect you’d like to create for your home. Do you want a kind of set up that makes your home stand out or something that is more minimalist? Once you’ve decided on how much illumination you want, you may then decide on the lighting techniques you’d like to use in addition to light fixtures that are needed to achieved that look you are going for.


Landscape Lighting Installation Ideas:

  • Uplighting
  • Downlighting
  • Washing or Grazing Lighting
  • Path Lighting