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Learn some Halloween Lighting ideas with Mister Sparky OKC electricians.

24 Oct 3 DIY Halloween Lighting Ideas

3 DIY Halloween Lighting Ideas One of the best ways to make a home look ready for Halloween is by changing the lighting. The right lighting can create a spooky atmosphere and accent a variety of Halloween decorations. Check out these cute Halloween lighting ideas that...

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Electrical grounds are important to Mister Sparky OKC electricians.

26 Sep Why Are Electrical Grounds Important?

Why Are Electrical Grounds Important? Electrical grounds are one of the most essential safety components of a home’s electrical system. Why do you need to ground electricity and what does this entail? A ground wire connects the outlets in your home to the electrical panel; this...

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Learn about common electrical problems from Mister Sparky OKC electricians.

12 Sep Common Electrical Outlet Problems

Common Electrical Outlet Problems In today's world, almost everything in a home uses electricity. We flip a switch or plug in an item. "Voilà," it works. A properly functioning outlet is essential for the electric current to flow properly to power appliances and devices in our...

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