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Learn about common electrical problems from Mister Sparky OKC electricians.

12 Sep Common Electrical Outlet Problems

Common Electrical Outlet Problems In today's world, almost everything in a home uses electricity. We flip a switch or plug in an item. "VoilĂ ," it works. A properly functioning outlet is essential for the electric current to flow properly to power appliances and devices in our...

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Learn how to hire an electrician with the help of Mister Sparky OKC electricians.

22 Aug How To Hire An Electrician

How To Hire An Electrician The electricity in your house brings you a host of benefits. You can enjoy heating and air conditioning when the outside temperature isn't pleasant, and you can watch all of your favorite television shows. However, problems can also come into fruition...

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Learn when it is time to replace your electrical panel with Mister Sparky OKC electricians.

08 Aug Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

Should I Replace My Electrical Panel? If you're a homeowner, you know that sometimes you need to fix things around the house. Plumbing wears out, air conditioners break, and furnaces need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. The electrical panel, otherwise known as a...

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Mister Sparky OKC electrician explains the top 5 uses of LED lighting.

11 Jul Top 5 Uses of LED Lighting

All About LED Lighting Those light-emitting diodes better known as LEDs are 90% more efficient at producing light than the incandescent light bulbs. How do they do that? LED lighting works by passing an electrical current through a microchip. As the current passes through the microchip,...

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