Breaker Box Repair

Mister Sparky Electrician OKC shows an electrician in Oklahoma City finishing some breaker box repairs. The main electric panel is also called a breaker box. All of your home’s electrical power is transmitted through the electrical power circuits. The electric panel or the breaker box are the foundation of your home’s electrical system. They generate electricity for your entire home and all your appliances from the dishwasher to your television.

Poor functionality of the electrical panel occurs from issues like corrosion, improper installation, and missing or poor quality breaker box parts. A faulty breaker box or electric panel can disrupt your electricity in certain rooms on particular circuits or sometimes throughout the whole home.

You can trust Mister Sparky Electrician OKC to have your electrical panel installed or repaired safely and promptly. Our electricians are committed to your customer satisfaction. If you experience any problems with your electrical panel within three years of installation, we will personally send an electrician to repair it free of charge.