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Ground Fault Receptacles (GFCI’s) Purpose 

Electric panels deliver energy through wires to be accessed through electrical outlets. This flow of energy can be extremely dangerous if it comes in contact with heat or moisture. Wiring circuit interruptions can halt power supply to electrical outlets and other items, or lead to fires and shock. This is where ground fault receptacles or ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s) come into play.

Ground Fault Receptacle and Outlet Safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 50 people die every year from accidental electrocutions involving residential wiring, panel boards, circuit breakers, and electrical outlets.

Mister Sparky electricians install electrical outlets which may be backed by ground fault interrupters to provide safety from wire circuit interruption hazards. GFCI’s shut off power sources from outlets in as little as 1/40 seconds once excessive heat or dampness is detected. Ground fault circuit interrupters also screen any imbalances between current flows of ungrounded (“hot”) and grounded (“neutral”) conductors within circuits to block power production in high-risk events.

For ground fault receptacles to operate properly and protect you against electrical hazards, they must be properly wired and installed. Mister Sparky’s experienced OKC electricians provide residential properties with dependable electrical outlets and ground fault receptacle wiring and repair services.

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