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Empty room with ceramic space heater

15 Dec Space Heaters: Give Them Space!

Why you should give space heaters space! Space heaters can make a poorly heated area cozy and comfortable without high whole home heating costs. They can bolster or replace ineffective whole home heating sources and make the coldest of days nice and toasty indoors. Making the...

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21 Nov How to clean your Electronics

How to clean your Electronics Your electronic gadgets mean everything to you. After all, they are your go-to devices for just about everything — social media, gaming, browsing the Internet and of course, phone calls and text messaging. Unfortunately, with all the usage they get on...

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Learn some Halloween Lighting ideas with Mister Sparky OKC electricians.

24 Oct 3 DIY Halloween Lighting Ideas

3 DIY Halloween Lighting Ideas One of the best ways to make a home look ready for Halloween is by changing the lighting. The right lighting can create a spooky atmosphere and accent a variety of Halloween decorations. Check out these cute Halloween lighting ideas that...

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