Everything To Know Before You Install An EV Charger At Home

Install EV Charger at Home Mister Sparky

Everything To Know Before You Install An EV Charger At Home

Installing an EV Charger at Home

How Do You Install An EV Charger At Home?

As we move further into the emerging world of electric vehicles, everyone is asking, “How do you install an EV charger at home?” well, the answer is simple. As an EV owner, you can’t, but a licensed electrician can install EV charger at home. You can’t do your own EV charger installation; doing so will void your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty. 

You’ll also want to work with a professional electrician to ensure your home can handle the additional demand of charging an EV at home. You’ll want your EV charger to be close enough to your car & your electrical panel allowing your charge cord to reach. Allowing you to conveniently plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles. 

Can You Plug An Electric Car Into A Regular Outlet?

If you’re using a level 1 EV charger, yes, but it’s not recommended without inspecting your home’s electrical system. The last thing you want to do is find out that you can’t watch TV or use your electric stove while you charge your new electric vehicle. 

A level 1 charger provides your car with three miles of range or less driving time for each hour of charging. Extreme cold fronts can further slow this charging rate; you might have the same charge you started with even after a full night’s charge. So it’s best to work with a local trusted electrician before installing EV charger at home. You may want a level 2 charger instead.

Install EV Charger at home

Is It Safe To Connect It To The Dryer Outlet?

Yes, your dryer outlet is 240-volt, like a level 2 charger. Charging your electric vehicle by plugging it into your dryer outlet is possible. However, there are some important considerations EV drivers need to keep in mind:

Amperage and Circuit Breaker: Ensure the dryer outlet’s amperage and the circuit breaker can handle the EV charger’s power requirements. It’s best to consult an electrician to assess the electrical capacity safely.

Dedicated Circuit: Ideally, the EV charger station should be on a dedicated circuit to prevent electrical system overload and ensure safe charging.

Adapter Usage: If you plan to use an adapter to plug the EV charger into the dryer wall outlet, ensure it is of high quality, rated for the correct amperage, and complies with local regulations.

Is It Safe To Charge An Electric Car In A Garage?

There is no danger in charging your electric vehicle inside or outside. Charging your electric vehicle in your garage is completely safe. By doing so, you can get a full charge safely and conveniently. You can even connect your EV charger installation to your WiFi. Allowing you to monitor your charging and even set appropriate times of day for traditional and fast charging. Keep in mind that most electric vehicles have WiFi connectivity. 

How Long Does It Take An Electric Car To Charge?

The time it takes to charge an electric car depends on the car’s battery capacity and the charging station’s power output (Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3). Level 1 chargers are the slowest, while a Level 3 DC fast charger can provide a significant charge quickly. As a rough estimate, a Level 2 charger can charge an EV from empty to full in about 4-8 hours by using a 240-volt outlet, depending on the car’s battery size.

How Much Electricity Does It Take To Charge An Electric Car?

The electricity consumption during EV charging varies based on the car’s battery size and charging efficiency. For example, a Tesla Model 3 with an 82 kWh battery would need approximately 30 kWh to charge from empty to full. Per The Department of Energy, “If electricity costs ¢10.7 per kWh and the vehicle consumes 27 kWh to travel 100 miles, the cost per mile is about $0.03.”

Does Charging A Tesla Raise Your Electric Bill?

Charging an electric car like a Tesla will inevitably increase your electric bill. However, the overall impact depends on your car’s battery size, charging frequency, local electric rate, and how much you drive. On average, you can expect your monthly electric bill to increase by $50, which is likely far less than your spending on gas.

Does charging an electric car raise your electric bill


Can You Install An EV Charger If You Rent Your House?

If you rent your house, installing an EV charger might be more challenging, depending on your landlord’s permission. Some landlords may be open to the idea, especially if it adds value to the property. However, others may have reservations due to the potential complications. Discussing the matter with your landlord and reaching a mutual agreement before making any decisions is crucial.

Can I Take My Tesla Wall Charger When I Move?

It’s nice to install EV charger at home and skip finding charging stations during the day. But can you leave with your EV charger installation when you move? Yes! You can take your Tesla wall charger with you when you move. You should leave the uninstallation and reinstallation to a trusted and licensed electrician to avoid any issues and for your safety.

Can You Charge Your Electric Car In The Rain?

Yes, you can safely charge your electric vehicle in the rain. EV chargers and electric cars can withstand weather conditions, including rain and snow. The charging ports are weather-sealed to prevent water from entering the electrical components of your car.

Install EV Charger at home and charge car in the rain

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